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DIN CERTCO and LNE: the new certification schemes approved under PolyCert Europe umbrella


Next to the four certification schemes already existing under Polycert Europe umbrella, namely QA-CER (BE), AENOR (ES), Plastica Seconda Vita (IT) and Wertstoff PET (RAL) (DE), we are delighted to announce that DIN CERTCO (DE) and the Incorporation of Recycled Plastics Standard by LNE (FR) have just been approved as new certification schemes.

With DIN CERTCO and LNE joining, PolyCert Europe umbrella technical platform is now counting six certification schemes in total.

The certification schemes who are members of PolyCert Europe are working together to harmonize their audit methodology across the EU Member States. All of them work in cooperation with Accredited Certification Bodies who have proven their competence in the plastics sector and ensure the impartiality and quality of the audits: an important aspect to be approved by PolyCert Europe.

All these certification schemes meet the PolyCert Europe standard and are convinced that joining force and working on the same basis will increase transparency in claims made by companies about the secondary material they use and will support the transition to circular economy for plastics and other industries.

PolyCert Europe, gathering national certification schemes in a comprehensive system for polymer converters, brings organizations auditing on recycled content in plastics, together to share best practices, to harmonize and to set minimum requirements for audit schemes. Auditors applying PolyCert approved audit schemes are trained experts in the field of plastic conversion and bring added value to companies making use of their services.

DIN CERTCO was founded in 1972 by DIN the German Institute of Standardization e.g. for the awarding of DIN marks and offers the certification of products and persons, services and enterprises on the basis of the DIN Standards and similar specifications.

DIN CERTCO provides two services in the field of recycled content, namely DIN-Geprüft and flustix Recycled, both developed on the same standards (Iso 14021, and EN 15343).

The scheme “Incorporation of Recycled Plastics Standard” was developed by LNE in cooperation with PolyVia and The Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites. The audits are performed by LNE under ISO 17065.

Thanks to these new certification schemes approved under its umbrella, PolyCert Europe is expanding which will contribute to its synergy with MORE platform for achieving the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) targets of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers used annually between 2025 and 2030 set up by the European Commission.

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