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About PolyCert Europe

At PolyCert Europe, we understand that change is not always easy. In 2020, we’ve been starting the initiative together with other converters associations to create a platform to invite the certification schemes already existing in the European market who were certifying recycled content in plastic products. 










Where is PolyCert Europe located along the value chain?

The PolyCert Europe scheme serves converting purposes, by recognising the uptake of raw material (e.g. pellets) from any recycled source. The Polycert Europe scheme recognises several circular loops ensuring that from manufacturing until the end of use, the plastic product is remanufactured using circular raw sources, from scrap, mechanical or chemical recycling

Where is PolyCert Europe located in the value chain of circular raw materials?

Several schemes exist along the value chain, ensuring the traceability of the recycled material or raw sourcing. PolyCert Europe is located downstream after recycling and/or sourcing of raw material.





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