Umbrella technical platform for harmonising existing certification schemes for converters of polymeric materials in Europe


The European converters of polymeric material are moving towards a circular economy. With the establishment of the MORE platform registering the use of plastic recyclate in new products, the industry demonstrates its commitment to reach the target of the European Commission of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers reused annually by 2025 and 2030.

To reinforce this strong commitment, PolyCert Europe was established to facilitate the verification and auditing of the volumes reported into the MORE platform. Such auditing work must by definition be done by a third party auditing system based on a network of accreditation certification bodies and independent auditors to ensure impartiality.

The objective of PolyCert Europe is to provide quality certification and verification of recycled content in converted products.

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PolyCert Europe uses existing certifications for harmonised audits of polymer-based converting industries such as plastics and textiles to stimulate the circular economy.


PolyCert Europe helps companies verify compliance with quality standards and ensures that their products live up to customer specifications regardless of whether they use virgin or recycled polymers.


PolyCert Europe brings together national accredited certification bodies from all over Europe to harmonise the calculation of recycled content in new products.


The PolyCert Europe compliance scheme is based on a methodology which has been recognized by the European Commission. It builds on the principles of quality certification ISO 9001 including chain of custody. The methodology identifies all waste streams and provides a comprehensive way of calculating the recycled content in newly converted products based on the ISO EN 14021 and ISO EN 472.


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The PolyCert Europe consortium is open to additional members until the 30th of December 2020. We invite all interested parties to get in touch with us by contacting


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To learn more about the monitoring of the use of recycled polymeric materials, please visit MORE is the unified, digital platform to monitor the use of recycled polymeric materials in the European plastics converting industry. MORE is helping the plastics industry to become more circular by collecting the volumes of recycled polymers that are used by plastics converting companies to create new products, and by stimulating a higher uptake of recycled polymers.

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