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What is PolyCert Europe?

PolyCert Europe is an umbrella technical platform for harmonising existing certification schemes for the uptake of circular raw material by converters of polymeric materials in Europe at the best manufacturing standards.

What is circular raw material?

Circular raw material is any material which does not come directly from a primary source. Circular raw may be scrap, mechanically or chemically recycled material, in any form, pellets, flakes or powder, to be used again and again.

What Polycert Europe does or does not ?

PolyCert Europe scheme validates the mutual recognition of existing certification schemes. It does NOT certify but ensures that comparable or similar certifications are valid across Europe.


PolyCert Europe is focusing on circular raw material as sustainable strategy. It does NOT cover any other sustainable sourcing.


PolyCert Europe is about the uptake of the material in a converting process. It does NOT modify or replace any certification needed for product compliance when the product is put on the market for a specific purpose.

The different Certification Systems

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A Benefit ? Being certified for the use of recycled material

Circular raw material sources cover industrial and domestic post-consumer waste and post-industrial consumptions including scrap or returned item. PolyCert Europe Certified Auditors conduct management audits for the uptake of circular material, per sourcing type and for a product. They deliver evidence of compliance per product line.


We need PolyCert to harmonize certification schemes at converters level.


We need PolyCert to ensure the quality of products containing recycled plastic.


We need PolyCert to boost the use of circular materials.


We need PolyCert to raise confidence throughout the supply chain towards products containing recycled materials.


We need PolyCert to encourage uniform declarations of 

r-content in converted products.


We need PolyCert for an independent means of control on traceability and chain of custody.


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