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PolyCert welcomes 4 independent schemes for certification of recycled content under its umbrella

Four certification schemes joined the PolyCert Europe umbrella technical platform with the objective to harmonize their methodologies for the verification of the uptake of secondary raw material in converted polymeric products as recycled content. The certification schemes QA-CER (BE), AENOR (ES), Plastica Seconda Vita (IT) and Wertstoff PET (RAL) (DE) meet the PolyCert Europe standard and are convinced that joining force and working on the same basis will increase transparency in claims made by companies about the secondary material they use and will support the transition to circular economy for plastics and other industries.

Certification schemes who are member of PolyCert Europe are working together to design a harmonized independent audit methodology across the EU Member States. An important aspect to be approved by PolyCert Europe is that certification schemes work with third party accredited certification bodies such that impartiality and independency in auditing and issuing the certificate is guaranteed.

Plastics converters and compounders using secondary raw material in their products can demonstrate compliance of their practices by auditing their production processes, to support their claims. The harmonization contributes to a level playing field among the certification schemes across the EU Member States to ensure their mutual recognition.

PolyCert Europe as a technical platform is supported by European as well as national plastics converters associations such as European Plastics Converters (EuPC), European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA), European Single-ply Waterproofing Membranes Association (ESWA), Centexbel, Valipac, Waste Free Oceans, essenscia (BE), Unionplast (IT), Polyvia (FR) and NRK (NL).

The purpose of PolyCert Europe is to contribute to a comprehensive mutual recognition framework among certification schemes on the uptake of secondary raw material by converters and compounders complying with REACH Regulation and / or with European and / or National Product Standards or Legislations. The mutual recognition framework has the objective to interface with other certification schemes along the polymer value chain based on the principles of chain of custody.

If your organization is interested in the certification or joining PolyCert Europe, please contact us on and check

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